Meet Chad

Hi.  I'm Chad Lovejoy and I'm running for re-election to West Virginia House of Delegates, 17th District, which includes parts of Cabell and Wayne Counties.  

As your Delegate, I have supported legislation that seeks to move our State forward and worked hard to build relationships, seeking consensus and collaboration -- avoiding the gridlock of partisan politics. 

Huntington is Home -- where I grew up and now raise my family and own a small business.   I've spent my life enjoying the blessings of this community and my entire career fighting for its working families and small businesses when they find themselves in hard times.

I believe that some things are worth fighting for, and the future of our Home is first and foremost.  It is a privilege to be an advocate in Charleston for this very special community, working to make sure that all of our kids will have the best opportunities, including that of coming (and staying) Home to raise a family of their own.

Despite the many, serious challenges that we face -- a changing economy, aging infrastructure, lagging education system and a drug abuse epidemic -- we are a community who can, and has, overcome.  We always rally together and never forget who we are or where we came from.  We never lose Hope.  I want to continue to take our Hope for Huntington as your Delegate in the West Virginia Capitol.

Latest News

Under Siege - Huntington's Drug Epidemic

Regardless of age, gender, race, socioeconomic status or neighborhood, our community's drug problem is an ever present epidemic that is crippling our community, taxing our systems and devastating our families.  In 2015 alone, we are on track to reach a rate of 145 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 people -- over 10 times the national average.

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Marshall University's Engineering Complex opens

On Thursday, August 14, 2015, Marshall University and the entire Huntington community welcomed the opening of the $56 million Arthur Weisberg Family Applied Engineering Complex, which sits between the Arthur Weisberg Family Engineering Laboratories and the Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Center on 3rd Avenue.

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