Meet Chad

Hi.  I'm Chad Lovejoy and I'm running for re-election to West Virginia House of Delegates in the newly created 27th District, which includes parts of Cabell and Wayne Counties.  

As your Delegate, I have supported legislation that seeks to move our State forward and worked hard to build relationships, seeking consensus and collaboration -- avoiding the gridlock of partisan politics. 

The Huntington area is my Home -- where I grew up and now raise my family and own a small business.   I've spent my life enjoying the blessings of this community and my entire career fighting for its working families and small businesses when they find themselves in hard times.

I believe that some things are worth fighting for, and the future of our Home is first and foremost.  It is a privilege to be an advocate in Charleston for this very special community, working to make sure that all of our kids will have the best opportunities, including that of coming (and staying) Home to raise a family of their own.

Despite the many, serious challenges that we face -- a changing economy, aging infrastructure, lagging education system and a drug abuse epidemic -- we are a community who can, and has, overcome.  We always rally together and never forget who we are or where we came from.  We never lose Hope.  I want to continue as your Delegate and to take our Hope into the West Virginia Capitol.

Latest News

SNAP-Stretch Offers a True “Triple-Win” Against Food Insecurity

Landing the “Win-Win” in policy making is a satisfying, but rare accomplishment; the “Triple Win” is even more elusive.  When those opportunities present, however, it is important to seize them, and even more so when the subject matter is hunger -- quite literally, a matter of life and death.    

Current data reveals that 1 in 7 West Virginians struggle with hunger, including 1 in 5 of our children.  Here at home, 16% of our citizens in Cabell County and 15% in Wayne County are “food insecure,” which is the USDA's measure of a “lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members and limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods.”  For many of our neighbors, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“SNAP”) is their lifeline to food access.

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Protecting Those Who Protect Us is the least We Can Do

Perhaps the most powerful explanation of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, recently given to me was this: Imagine driving down the road, hitting a dog and watching her suffer and die before your eyes or in your arms. Would you vividly remember this experience the rest of your life?

Now imagine you are frantically trying to save the life of a dying human being, rushing around a burning structure looking for a child or witnessing man's depravity in the horrors of a crime scene. Would not those experiences haunt both your sleep and waking memory for a lifetime?

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Hope for Huntington in the Fight Against Drugs

While no family or neighborhood has been untouched by our community's drug epidemic, the past few weeks have seen many examples of coming together with Hope for Huntington.  

On October 27, for example, the Cabell County Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership (CCSAPP) held its 8th Annual Drug Prevention Summit, entitled "Bringing the Community Conversations to Life; Strengthening Neighborhoods and Connecting People with Action."  The Summit featured national speaker Beverly Watts Davis, who explained nine (9) interconnected community concepts in the fight:  Prevention, Treatment, Housing, Faith, Peer to Peer, Family, Community Awareness, Employment and Law Enforcement.  More about the amazing work being done by the CCSAPP can be found here.

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