Hope for Huntington in the Fight Against Drugs

While no family or neighborhood has been untouched by our community's drug epidemic, the past few weeks have seen many examples of coming together with Hope for Huntington.  

On October 27, for example, the Cabell County Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership (CCSAPP) held its 8th Annual Drug Prevention Summit, entitled "Bringing the Community Conversations to Life; Strengthening Neighborhoods and Connecting People with Action."  The Summit featured national speaker Beverly Watts Davis, who explained nine (9) interconnected community concepts in the fight:  Prevention, Treatment, Housing, Faith, Peer to Peer, Family, Community Awareness, Employment and Law Enforcement.  More about the amazing work being done by the CCSAPP can be found here.

Demonstrating the critical role of faith-based programs in the drug fight, the Huntington City Mission (HCM) held its Annual Banquet on November 5 to a capacity crowd of 600 supporters.  There the audience heard testimonies from several HCM Guests who had received temporal and spiritual assistance in their recoveries from the HCM and its supporters.  In furthering its work in this regard, the HCM announced a renewed emphasis on ministering to the recovery needs of the homeless community by expanding its Transformers Program, a faith-based Twelve Step Program.  More about the HCM and its ministries can be found here.

Finally, on November 6, the community gathered to celebrate the addition of the Women's Empowerment and Addiction Recovery and Addiction Recovery Program (WEAR) to the Cabell County Drug Court Program.  The WEAR Program is the first program of its kind in West Virginia and grew as a collaborative process of the Huntington Mayor's Office of Drug Control Policy, the Cabell-Huntington Health Department, the Cabell County Prosecutor's Office and other agencies.  The Program will add 20 spots to the Cabell County Drug Court, bringing its total to 60.  The Program Handbook for the Cabell County Drug Court can be found here.

Though there is so much more work to be done, it is important to acknowledge the positive efforts of our community in acknowledging the problem and answering a call to action.  As Beverly Watts Davis told the packed house at the CCSAPP Drug Summit, you CAN slay a dragon by taking ONE BITE AT A TIME.



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