Online Voter Registration Comes to WV

Effective October 1, 2015, West Virginians can now register to vote through the Secretary of State’s website by clicking here.

Registering online requires a West Virginia driver’s license or DMV identification card, but applicants without either can print, sign and mail the completed online application to their county clerk's voter registration office.

The online application is automatically sent to the appropriate county clerk, who will double-check it, assign the appropriate voting precinct and mail the voter a registration card.


A 2014 Pew Charitable Trusts survey of 13 of the 15 states that had then implemented some form of online voter registration "reported that cost cutting is one of the greatest benefits of these systems."  The average cost to implement the system was $240,000 for 11 states, according to the survey, with no expenses reported in Kansas and $1.8 million reported in California.  The survey noted that with 900,000 Californians using the system when it launched a month before the 2012 general election, the savings amounted to $2.5 million, exceeding the cost of implementation. largely from the reduction of printing and postage costs.


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